Penguins From Old Newspapers

This penguin craft is a very easy one to do  together with your kids.   Most of the materials could already found at home such as; newspaper, acrylic paint, cartoon, scotch  tape.

The basic material of penguin is newspaper.  All you need is to make a ball from newspapers, it should be an oval ball.  The ball is  then painted with black  acrylic. Some white color is used for its stomach.  Eyes, nose and hands are made with cartoon and taped at the end.

As seen in photo our pengiun is enjoying the sun 🙂

1 thought on “Penguins From Old Newspapers

  1. very beatiful….bende ingilizce yorum yazayım dedim şekerim:)
    çok şeker olmuş eline sağlık bücürlerin….

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